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A research-driven strategic intelligence consultancy

We help you make smart decisions that change the world. With expertise in recognizing trends and strategic opportunities, backed by in-depth research and analysis, we help you position yourself as a leader in your market.

Are you ready for the future?

You can have the best plans, but if you haven’t taken into consideration the impact of disruptive technology, an ever-changing economy and shifting business models, you will be challenged to achieve your goals.

Hire us to do in-depth research and analysis to make sound decisions. We specialize in cybersecurity, digital identity, blockchain, cyber economics, payments and transactions.

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  • "Quite simply, Heather is a force of nature and likes to delve into the details of any project and just get things done."
    Sanjay Sabnani
    CEO, Crowdgather
  • "Heather brings original ideas, a fun and easy to work with style, and leadership for a product or team."
    Rosie Pongracz
    VP Marketing
  • "Heather is a futurist and visionary. She is meticulous in her planning and execution."
    Peter Vander Auwera
    Innovation, SWIFT
  • "Heather did an incredible job of working with both the client and our strategy organization, pushing the envelope where appropriate and offering creative ideas when needed."
    Janet Hall
    CMO, TMNG Global
  • "Heather brings tremendous energy and enthusiasm to all her projects and conveys it when she is speaking."
    Brad Templeton
    Chairman, EFF
  • "Not your average lecturer - Heather doesn't just speak - she engages."
    Mack Reed
    Innovation Director
  • "Heather is ONE OF A KIND."
    Kim Schmidt
  • "What sets Heather apart is her knack for pushing things beyond that predictable line of what's expected. She's a visionary when it comes to business and creativity."
    Mike Macadaan
    VP, User Experience
  • "Heather has one eye on future trends and the other on your business, and offers ways to interpret new ideas for current market realities."
    Leslie Jump
    JW International
  • "Heather is a person you will never forget."  
    Ole Kristensen
    Rocket Scientist
  • "If you want traction, Heather is the girl to hire. She is honest, purple-headed and smart."
    Jonathan Shaw
  • "Heather is an "empath" futurist in many ways. I contact Heather when I get stuck or when I have ideas or observations that I don't fully understand. She is brilliant at articulating the future human implications of present day innovations..."
    Daniel Robles
    Coengineers, LLC

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